Real Estate Companies

No more waiting for classes to be scheduled. Schedule a class today at a discounted price for your company with 5 or more agents. What you receive when you join. A 20 percent discount on all students, when you join as a Elite Membership for a Annual fee of $199.00. Your Company receives branding recognition, Assurance and reliability of competent students at the completion of course.

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Business and Education

We offer exceptional education with a personal touch. Students enjoy the ratio of students to Instructor permitting individual tutoring and coaching.

Lectures & Seminars

University Of Real Estate & Business Education understands the value of Providing Optimum Education and Convenient Class Scheduling to place you on the fast track road to success.

Career Opportunities

After, the student have succeeded in completing the course and pass the examination the applicant must apply for a license through a sponsoring real estate broker.

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